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[FREE DELIVERY] scoop of joy - pastel macaron balloon ice cream stand

[FREE DELIVERY] scoop of joy - pastel macaron balloon ice cream stand

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take note before purchase:
  • balloon ice cream stand might not look exactly like picture
  • measurement: approx 1.5m-1.6m tall
  • for colours / customisation / add ons / adjustments, please whatsapp +65 8821 6849 to discuss
  • balloons lasts around 2-5 days, gradually gets smaller over time
  • FREE delivery
  • best to arrange for delivery on the day of your celebration/event for optimal performance

care instructions:

  1. avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight
  2. keep away from sharp objects / pets with sharp claws
  3. be mindful of temperature changes
  4. be mindful of the fragile nature of balloon and handle them gently to ensure longevity
  5. balloons may naturally settle or slightly change shape during delivery, customers can reshape them gently upon arrival
  6. we recommend storing your balloons in a location with moderate temperature, away from direct sunlight and preferably in a dark place. improper storage can lead to balloon oxidation, resulting in a less shiny appearance, colour loss, a “frosted” look and in some cases, cloudiness.
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