Collection: bruno mars collection

temporary tattoo stickers created for those who love the look of tattoos, but can't commit to a permanent one.

we have an exclusive bruno mars-inspired collection, designed with hooligans in mind πŸŽΈβœ©Β°ο½‘β‹†βΈœ 🎧

mix n match from all designs!Β  ΰΌ˜β‹†πŸ«§πŸ›’πŸ’­β‚ŠΛšΰ·†

π“ˆ’βŸ‘β‚Šβ‹†βˆ˜ 5 for $11SGD
π“ˆ’βŸ‘β‚Šβ‹†βˆ˜ 10 for $20SGD
π“ˆ’βŸ‘β‚Šβ‹†βˆ˜ 20 for $40SGD
π“ˆ’βŸ‘β‚Šβ‹†βˆ˜ 30 for $55SGD

*price may vary slightly when converted to local currency

all designs are created by the handicroft team. choose from a series of different designs to suit your varying moods! lasts about 3-6 days depending on area, try to avoid areas you'll rub / wash too often ~

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